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  • 1) So how long does it take to put a sumo fat-suit on? This is a question that we are sometimes asked, and this clip has the answer ... about 15 seconds to take the suit off and 15 to put it on. So each participant gets to spend most of the time posing and fighting.
  • 2) This is a trailer from the long awaited Sumo Experience training video. Here you see the Gyoji (referee) presiding over a bout between two ferocious Rikishis (sumo wrestlers). Watch out for the mysterious 'Matrix' sequence once the fight is under way.
  • 3) In January 2015 Sumo Experience's own Martin Day was interviewed live on IslamTV's flagship magazine program 'Living the Life'. While he was there he also invited one of the show's presenters Na'eem Raza to take on the other guest on the program, actor, screenwriter and poet Muslim Belal (the sumo action starts at the 10 minute mark).
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