Links to sites we like

These are some links that Sumo Experience has either enjoyed, found useful or has a you-scratch-my-back-and-I'll scratch-yours thing going on with.

Most excellent links

  • Sumo Experience - on Facebook

  • Shallow Deep - some of Martin Day's other creative ventures, featuring a unique series of short stories 'The Animal Parables'
  • So Grounded! - the board game for teenagers (& their parents) that Martin Day has invented
  • Day2Day Conversations - the Christian ministry site of Martin & Jill Day (my other job!)
  • Salt Solution - the band that Sumo Experience's Martin Day fronted in the 80's and 90's
  • DeClutterDay - the life laundry business of Martin's wife Jill Day
  • MySpace - to play Salt Solution songs and videos
  • YouTube - for a collection of video creations from Sumo Experience's own Martin Day
  • BCC - Martin helped found Brookwood Community Church - once church, now community


Interesting links

  • Wikipedia - the definitive's definition of Sumo
  • Go Nomad - A Beginners Guide to Sumo Wrestling


You-scratch-my-back links


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