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Original sumo suit attraction: draw a crowd at Fair & Fun Day

Sumo Experience can add that elusive original attraction to your fun day or fair.

wipe out ... nextOur Sumo Suit Stall will stand out amongst other stalls at your Fun Day or Summer Fair; not only due to the appeal of combat; not only because of the curiosity of what it would look like, and feel, to be that shape; but also because it offers a teaser of another culture. This is because the Sumo Suit Stall comes with the kimono-clad "Gyoji" (Sumo referee) as master of ceremonies.

"Everybody who I have spoken to about Sumo Experience since this event absolutely loved it and thought how different it is ... perfect in every way."
Vanessa, Farnham - following her school's fair

We give the casual browser the chance to throw the salt and stamp just like we would in a Sumo party, and to test his or her strength against their companions or class mates. As a result there will always draw a crowd of onlookers attracted by the spectacle.

How the Sumo Suit activity will run

We have found that running a winner-stays-on system works well in this environment. We allow any winner to stay on for a further bout before he or she retires as un undefeated champion. Each bout is decided by the best of three sumo suit battles and, whether it be adults or kids, this system encourages complete strangers to challenge each other to be 'king of the castle'.

summer time and time for the fairYou have the option of charging per combatant in order to make back some of your outlay or you can offer the fun for 'free'. But please note that you will not make a profit on this activity and so you should regard it as an attraction rather than a money-spinner.

"We have nothing but praise - the children and parents have all commented on how well organised, and fun the Sumo was. We would like to thank Martin for such a wonderful 'Sumo Experience'! ... it was all great!""
Elaine - following her school's fair

Fun days and Fairs are usually out door affairs and Sumo Experience can continue following a brief shower or transfer inside providing there is sufficient space available.

Part of the fun of Sumo is that it's only once you've fallen over that you realise exactly how difficult it is to get up. Your "Gyoji" (Sumo referee) will help you back to your feet but you will understand that this becomes backbreaking work for him. Because of this, although he enjoys it, we have had to limit the Sumo-Station to run for no more than two hours.

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