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Videos of Kid's Sumo Parties

There are 3 videos here. They will pay in sequence or use the on-screen YouTube playlist to move between them

  • 1) Max his friends have a high energy party in a local scout hut. This clip gives you a feel for what a kid's sumo suit party is really like. See the young combatants being trained in the Sumo ceremony: stamping and throwing the salt. Listen to the cheers and the excitement.
  • 2) This is what the kids want to see: a sequence of all-action highlights from Max's party! The step outs, the wipeouts, the sidesteps and the body slams. They're all here.
  • 3) Isabel's mum was kind enough to donate this short Youtube video clip from her party in a local primary school hall (just listen to that reverb!). The flags of the world gave this 'basho' a truly international flavour.
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