Party Bagsan optional extra

Looking for something cool to put in your party bags?

This could be just the thing for you... either T-Shirts or Books (authored by your host).

T-Shirt Option

"They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I’ve already had lots of positive feedback about both the party content and T-shirts."
Anna, Horsham - following her son's 8th birthday party

The Sumo Experience Sovenir T-Shirt (age 9-10 size)Sumo Experience Souvenir T-Shirts sport the authentic Sumo Experience logo and are available exclusively to those who have participated in a Sumo Experience party - They are not available anywhere else!

They come in two two sizes:

  • age 9-10 size in white pre-shrunk cotton (see photo on the right modeled by a 10 year old girl) - NB Now down to the last 2 T-shirts
  • age 11-13 size in white pre-shrunk cotton NB Currently out of stock

"I had excellent feedback on the T-shirts which the girls loved and were of a high quality."
Caroline, Weybridge - following her daughter's 9th birthday party

Any child will be delighted with one instead of the usual contents of a party bag (and one less thing for you to think about!). You can buy one for the party boy or girl, a handful for the closest friends, or enough for all the guests.

T-shirts are £5 each (subject to availability). We just need to know your requirements before the day of the party and we will be happy to refund you for any no-shows on the day.

All the children at Andrew's 11th birthday party had to try their T-shirts on as soon as they got them (size 11-13)

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Signed Book Option

"The Animal Parables offers a unique look at the endearing world of animals. Martin Day is a gifted guide spinning illuminating stories that will thrill and enlighten the child in all of us."
Wayne Jacobsen, Author 'He Loves Me! Learning to Live in the Father's Affection'

Also available for party bags are copies of 'The Animal Parables' written by your party host, Martin Day.

Once Martin has spent 90 minutes organising the children's play they will feel they know him quite well and when they discover that he is an author too, we have found that there is a real 'wow' factor. So then they will treasure their own copy of his book that they have seen personally signed for them by him. These can be bought at the special price of £5 each. (currently selling at £7.09 on Amazon). Read more about the book at Martin's Author page on Amazon and read the 5-star reviews there too. Again, just let us know your requirements before the day of the party.


"Over the last two decades I have had the privilege of watching Martin use his artistry and gifts of communication to convey complex material in a way that is easily understood by young and old alike. This lovely book is further evidence of this skill. Cleverly weaving deep issues like self-worth, legalism and personal identity into stories that both touch the heart and make you smile"
Jon Rashbrook, Author 'Life As It Could Be'

See Martin J Day's author page on Amazon"A dog who gets hold of the wrong end of the stick; a horse who beats the odds; a wasp who discovers a sting in the tail. This is the stuff of The Animal Parables. Each tale features an animal who finds that things turn out to be quite different from how it imagined and profound life lessons are learned along the way. These seven, life affirming, tales will delight young minds and leave adults moved to reflection. In this collection Martin Day has re-discovered the power of the parable to layer deeper meanings under the skin of a simple narrative. In doing so he has created a collection of stories that sound at multiple levels. It’s like the delight of finding that second tray under the first in a box of chocolates!"

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