Sumo Experience is run by Martin Day

...who runs the events dressed as a Japanese 'Gyoji' (Sumo referee).

at your service Until 2006, Martin had worked in IT but had also continually worked in areas of entertainment in his spare time. He has been a youth worker, children's worker, and church leader. Thirteen years as lead singer/songwriter and front man of rock band Salt Solution gave him his nose for fun, spontaneity and the ability to manage and communicate with an audience. Besides running Sumo Experience he also currently works part-time teaching and coaching with the charity BCC, a local Christan community. His inventiveness is not just limited to Sumo; he has written a series of short stories called 'The Animal Parables', has designed a board game and is writing a musical. He is also the creator of 'Pod the Alien', a bazaar visitor from outta space. You can get a feel for Pod's character in the movie clip "Pod the Alien interviews Tony Blair". If you are curious there is more creative material on show at his website ShallowDeep.com.The entire Day family

Martin has been DBS checked for children's work.

Martin is married to Jill and has two grown up children, Chloe and Sam.

For your interest, Salt Solution's album "Arctic Frosties" is available from iTunes US, Amazon and "all good online etailers". Salt Solution also has a MySpace page which features sample tracks and video.

You can view how Martin's colleagues sent him off when he left gases giant BOC in the movie clip 'What the Heck Happened?'

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