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Sumo related trivia videos & the bizarre world of Martin Day

There are 6 videos here. They will pay in sequence or use the on-screen YouTube playlist to move between them

  • 1) Some footage of heavy Japanese guys doing the real thing to the sounds of Salt Solution's track "When's it gonna change". (That's your host singing!)
  • 2) A spoof rock-umentary smudging the lines between fact and fiction to tell the story that led to the creation of Sumo Experience. Martin Day left the employ of gases giant Linde (formally BOC) in September 2006. This absurd slice of hokum was assembled by Bill Sahner to mark the occasion. Enjoy!
  • 3) Pod the Alien is another creation of Martin Day. Although this character has nothing whatsoever to do with Sumo Experience it does give a glimpse into the workings of the mind behind this concept!
  • 4) Martin Day 's daughter produced an 'Art House' movie for her Media course - featuring Sumo Experience fat-suits of course.
  • 5) A video presentation of 'The Mackerel' a short story by Martin Day and one of 'The Animal Parable' that ia available as a party bag option.
  • 6) And finally, it wasn't always kimonos and sushi. It the beginning there was rock 'n roll. Martin once sang with Salt Solution. Here they are playing live at London's Brixton Academy in 1987.
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