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The Jackson family held a BBQ along with Sumo fun

for all those who helped them over the year in July

Now's your chance
The Gyoji invites contestants.

So what's going on over there?
Nervous onlookers watch from afar.

...but don't take your eye off the other guy
The combatants bow low.

Be afraid, be very afraid
Wait for it...

No more bets, please
The crowd wait with bated breath.

Who are you cheering for?
The Gyoji beckons on support for the fighters..

On your twinkle toes
Ready for action.

I haven't felt like this since my youngest
Some people find the extra weight difficult to carry.

I want a fair fight, ladies
Time for the girls to go.

I'll wait for help thanks
And it's just too much effort to get up too.

Take that
And the slam to follow on.

Invasion of the little people
Next the kids take over.

You'd be surprised at who won
Although some fights looked one sided.

It's like being at the base of Mount Fuji
There were even dramatic smoke effects.

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