Photosfrom customer parties

It was one of the hottest days of the year for

Ryan's 9th birthday in July

Don't worry if you are short now this will all change in the next couple of years
First, everyone gets in height order so teams can be picked.

Who can bow the lowest?
Next the opponents bow to each other.

Boys, you need to be fatter
None of the boys are fat enough for Sumo but the suits will help with that.

I'm a little teapot...
Is this fat enough? Our first contestant is ready.

Just a little pinch. You don't want to preserve yourself
The warriors are taught the ceremony of salt throwing.

...and throw
And they throw the salt themselves.

Now you are ready for the stomp
Finally, ready for battle.

Be careful you don't wobble over
Doing the Sumo stomp to intimidate the opposition.

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