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Rhys and Leah shared a Sumo party

for their 10th and 9th birthdays in January

You know, your head looks quite small in that
The party girls gets lost in all the padding.

Well, go on, support me then
You can't start before you've beckoned on the support of your team.

Encourage them!
The Gyoji whips up support for the wrestlers.

Both out for the count
Everyone finds it funny when the first two go down - but there'll be a lot more of this before the end.

You softie
Sometimes wrestling can be like cuddling - it depends on your nature.

The smack of vinyl against vinyl echoes around the hall.

Ready, J Arthur?
It's hard to hear through the helmets but a good belt of the gong gets through.

Oh my, who went down first?
A surprise twist and the tables are turned.

You look fat. No, you look fat
Friends look funny when they are this fat.

Heave! - the final push
The mist rolls in as another warrior falls at the base of Mt Fuji.

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