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Just about everything at Ryan's 10th

birthday party was caught on camera in December

The suits are ready for action
Everything is set up just waiting for the guests to arrive.

Haven't we met before?
Some of the combatants look familiar.

This is so I know who you are when the blood starts flowing!
It's important to know everyone's name.

Tie this with a knot - you don't want it slipping over your eyes
Teams are assigned and bandanas issued.

Don't tell him karate won't help him here
The boys are now feeling the part.

How do you spell that?
The names go up and everyone know who his first opponent will be.

Bring it on!
Intimidating the opposition.

I can't get my hands together

The ceremonials must be observed before the blood-bath starts.

I hope they don't fall on me
Team mates look on nervously.

Wait for it

Don't hesitate - Never hesitate

Look away now, mum
Brace for impact.

I may not be winning, but I'm not losing either
One technique is to lean in and soak up the pressure.

And stay down
It really make the point if you follow through with a body slam.

I've never been this fat before
It takes concentration to bow when you are disarmingly overweight.

Heavy on the tum but light on the toes
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Take that, little shrimp!
Time for the older cousin to show her superior strength.

Smokin' hot
The mists at the base of Mount Fuji.

After the sushi comes cake
And finally a traditional British end to a Japanese party.

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