Photosfrom customer parties

The Youth Club members ages ranged from 13 to 19

and they all had great time in September

Mmm, Nutella
The Gyoji thoughtfully considers the contests ahead

A hand picked crack team of athletes
The Red Team are assembled ...

Do you guys know what's going to hit you
... And the Blues are ready to face them

No scratching and no biting
Listen up - these are the rules

Be afraid, be very afraid
Friendship is put aside in favour of competition

I feel more cuddley than mighty
The change in bulk is dramatic.

Mmm... Nutella
There are tactics to consider.

No dancing, just fighting
A good clean fight please gentlemen.

No faining injury, now
Just make sure your head is on properly before I knock it off!

Take that!
The Blue team cheer their teammate on.

Bring it on, I'm ready for anything
The Junior suits come out for the smaller, more agile fighters.

All shall fear me
Another warrior prepares to enter the frey

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