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Luke and his friends love wrestling

and couldn't get enough at his 10th birthday party in June

There were only 8 boys in the end, but that meant more goes for everyone!

The excitement is palpable
The boys were champing at the bit to get going

Turn your head when you fight - go for the hug not the kiss
But first some instruction from the 'Gyoji'.

It's my party and I'll fight if I want to
The party boy feels the weight of expectancy!

Intimidate your opponent, boys
First you grunt, then you go.

go on show some aggression
Lets just go over that again.

Watch out for my smooth moves, guys
One boy stands in his full sartorial elegance whilst his opponent is prepared.

Fat and happy
Fat and happy.

hear the slap of vinyl on vinyl
Running at the opponent.

Let's just reflect on the gravity of defeat
Some discussion about the score.

Step out of the way and let the real men at it
One guy here doesn't look fat enough to fight.

No! Don't kick a man whilst he's down
Falling to your knees is 'out' by my rules.

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