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Ben took on his brother, sister and all his friends

for his 7th birthday party in December

Hear the slap of vinyl on vinyl
The biggest boys show the others how it's done .

Get out of the suits, we all want a go
The 'second' crowd around the fighters eager to give advice.

Does this mean I have to fall on my sword?
The suits are waiting as the combatants each tie on a bandana in their team colours.

Mmm, nice soft landing
Being pushed over is just as much fun as doing the pushing.

Ooh, Matron!
None of the boys have been this well endowed before. Maybe it's time to get measured for a new bra?

Do I look as cute as I think I do?
Butter wouldn't melt.

We have a winner
The Gyoji proclaims the winner of this bout.

Let me at him
This combatant can't wait to get to work on his opponent.

He nearly fell on me!
You have to keep you eye on the fight in case you need to roll clear of the splash zone.

Did these two get to the birthday cake before me?
The siblings get fat together.

It's dark in here
The quickest way to put weight on.

Get in there!
It's a mistake to hesitate.

Hit that thing, J Arthur
The gong proves as popular as the suits.

This one's out cold!
Helping the fallen to their feet.

If I'm going, you're coming with me
It's a difficult one to call as both combatants go over together.

Does this go over my shoulder or in his face?
Throwing the salt is all part of the traditional ceremony.

So who is winning?
At the end of the first round everyone is anxious to know how the scores stand.

The rest of the team support their man using only will power and pure volume.

This fight is steaming
The smoke effect evokes the atmosphere around the base of Mount Fuji.

Don't argue with the referee
Enough talking, let's fight.

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