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There were lots of friends at Adam's 7th Birthday

party in March 2010

So Dad took half to play football outside and part way through there was a swap over.

None of you guys look fat enough yet
We are ready to go no - but who's first?

Mmm, maybe I should have left the birthday cake till afterwards
The birthday boy is fattened up for the fight?

You want me to put my hand in that?!
A pinch of salt to keep the slugs away.

No punching, scratching or pinching, please
We want a fair fight here.

Blubber meets blubber
You can hear the sickening sound of fat against fat.

Don't get me up, I'm quite happy here
Maybe it's safer here.

I'm tired. I just can't push any more
Pushing is the first choice of most wrestlers, but for some the 'lean' works well.

Wake us up when it's all over
So who hit the ground first?

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