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Sun streamed in through the windows

of Peter's 11th birthday party in February creating a magical atmosphere

listen everyone ... everyone!
Everyone listens intently to the Gyoji's instructions - well, nearly everyone.

firing up the smoke
The early evening mist starts to roll down from Mount Fuji.

Japanese, fat and proud
Not even in Japan do they get to fight on the national flag.

You've got to loose some weight and quick
The boys eagerly help get the previous combatant out of his blubbery body armour.

steaming sumo
These young sumo wrestler are totally on fire.

Sometimes it looks like a real battlefield
It can be difficult to see across the battlefield but there is no doubt about who has gone down.

staring each other down
Opponents stand large and threatening, staring each other down.

it's brother against brother
The ultimate in sibling rivalry. In this case the looser got to load the dishwasher that evening.

Just look at those bingo wings
Launching through the mist and the unmistakable sound of cellulite against cellulite can be heard.

all eyes look to the scoreboard
Everyone studies the scoreboard to see which team has won.

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