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Photos from Ryan's Swim & Sumo party

for his 10th birthday in January

reproduced here by kind permission of Simon Taylor of

The Gyoji explains the rule of the game
Everyone needs to hear how to fight safely and fairly. Notice that they are all in
their teams already and have got their bandanas on.

Boys will be ... well, boys
Don't be offended ladies. This is just the way that young boys express themselves!

Throwing the salt
Each wrester must purify the dohyo (sumo ring) with salt in a tradition that goes
back hundreds of years.

Fighting for fun
Big push - big fun!

All rush to help up the defeated wrestler
They all want to help him up. Watching can be fun, but at this age they just want
to get his fight over with so they can have their goes.

You're one behind, red
They are back on their feet in a best-of-three contest. But, red team, you've got
some catching up to do.

Shoulder to shoulder ... heave!
It's an evenly match bout but sometimes you can spin your opponent over as
well as push.

The Gyoji looks aghast
The Gyoji is aghast at the skilful wrestling that is on display.

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