Photosfrom customer parties

Some junior and adult scenes

from a Sumo Experience event at Brookwood Community Church in May

All must learn to bow
The young "rikishis" are trained in sumo etiquette by their Gyoji.

There are but three rules
The "Gyoji" explains the three basic rules of sumo: Step outside the
ring and you loose; touch the ground with anything but your feet and
you loose; and no dodging. That would be dishonourable.

Pulling on the fat-suits
The combatants pull on their junior fat-suits.

..And finally the protective headgear
The "Gyoji" help a conbatant with his protective headgear.

The combatants observe age old rituals
The "shiko" stamping is an important prelude to the fight.

A high energy start
At the Gyoji's command the two "rikishis" power into combat

Don't step out of bounds
The Gyoji watches carefully for any feet fall out of bounds.

Teatering on the brink
Eleven year olds teater on the brink.

We have a winner
Two eight year olds conclude a bout decisively.

False start
The Gyoji moves to stop an adult fight when one of the combatants
moves ahead of his command.

Fear not the impact
Adults about to lock horns at the Gyioji's command.

In the midst of battle
Everyone marvels at the strength of the fat-boys.

Helpless as turtles on their backs
Both adults and children will struggle to get back on their feet, so
here some of the spectators help out.

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