It's got to be safe before it's fun!

Although Sumo suit fighting is fun it should be remembered that it is a physical activity that features physical contact!!

We must therefore point out that people with the following conditions must not participate in fat-suit combat:

  • expectant mothers
  • those with existing heart, neck or back conditions
  • those recovering from recent surgery or injury
  • those under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Fat-suit safetyIt is important that enough space is available at the venue and that shoes, spectacles, jewelry, badges, etc. are removed before pulling on the fat-suits.

Sumo Experience sumo suits have been sourced with safety as a priority and with all that padding it is easy to feel invincible. However, participants should be aware that there is still potential for injury. A sprained ankle or pulled muscle can be sustained as just as in any sport. There is potential risk to wrists and arms if a hand is put out to break a fall (although this should not be necessary as the fat-suit will cushion any fall). The head is protected by the helmet shape of the head gear and the neck brace guards against neck injury. However, the face of each combatant is exposed and injury can be sustained if the combatants clash face-to-face, or if a combatant should fall forward and roll onto his face outside the crash mat area. For this reason the combatants are advised of the need to turn their head slightly on these occasions so that the padded helmet can take any impact.

footwork over bulk Tips on "Safe Sumo" will be given integral to the event and your "Gyoji" (Sumo referee) carries a first aid kit for the use of any injured participants.

The following must also be adhered to:

  • Fat-suits must be used only on the safety mat and when both combatants have fat suit, neck-brace and helmet fitted.
  • Punching and scratching are not permitted
  • Only the two people wearing the sumo suit, neck brace & helmit are permitted to participate in fights
  • A fallen combatant must never be lifted by the head. (Children especially are tempted to do this!)

Sumo Experience is covered by £5,000,000 public liability insurance, but this does not cover guests under the influence of alcohol. Therefore if Sumo Experience is booked fSumo recreation of the famous Abbey Road coveror a stag night, hen night or other event where drinking is involved, Sumo wrestling will need to be the first activity taking place before any alcohol has been consumed. Lastly, constents need to be reasonably matched in terms of size and age, so children cannot fight adults - this can be a disapointment if junior wants to try his strength against dad.

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