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Sumo for the Stagey types in April

they were used to playing roles but not on this scale

no one heard me fart
A moment of stillness before battle

Loving the physique
With the adoring supporters.

potential baby blat
Mind out for the baby!

ready for action
They have everyone's undivided attention

the full company
The full ensemble

there's a lot of pent-up anger there
Someone's taking this too seriously

will my bum look big in this?
Is this going to fit then?

If you're not taking a photo there's a danger of getting over excited

on the way ...

... out

What was the score?
Do not challenge the Gyoji's decission

never been thos fat before
Looking hot, girlfriend

Like my new hairstyle

sumo knot
Sometimes it's hard to see what's going on

I can't hear anything in this helmet
Listen carefully to the instructions

go easy on me
looking nervous facing up to the big guy

gonna cut your circulation off
But then tries to switch the duel to rock, paper, scissors

it keeps the slugs away
Reaching for the salt

is that the smell of burning?
Hot stuff!

just what is that on the floor?
Has someone's teeth come out?

maybe it's blood
No, it can't be, they're still moving

look at this beach bod
Being this curvy makes some a little crazy

this will be fun, right?
This is going to be good
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