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Tomo's 10th birthday party in May

everyone got to share some Japanese culture

Picking the teams
As the birthday boy, Tomo gets to chose which colour team he has.

First men up
Everyone is ready and the first fighters are suited up.

Everyone is drawn into the action
Everyone studies the form of the fighters.

One man struggles at the edge
As the balance of the battle flows back and forth one man finds himself caught at the very edge.

The moment before the slap of vinyl
It all starts with the race to the point of contact.

The team celebrate their win
The rest of the team embrace their victor.

Picking the teams
And sometimes the fighter ends up flat on his back.

Bring your best fight
It may be too late to think about strategy.

The mist of Mount Fuji
The smoke can really add a different atmosphere.

So which team won?
When the fighting is over, it's back to the scoreboard to see who won.

The one, the only
The Sumo Experience sign takes pride of place.

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