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There was a hall booked for Tom's 8th birthday in June

but it was such a beautiful day that we did the Sumo on the grass outside

Listen carefully, I will say this but once
With everyone in teams it's time for the safety, ceremony and rules.

Not too much there, fella. It'll smart if you fall on it later
First, the salt.

Cheer me on, team!
... and then get some support.

Friends no more!
Then all that pent up aggression is released!

I feel fat
Looks like the party boy got to the cake first.

Does my bum look big in this?
Under it all it's just loads of fun.

This style may suit you, sir
Time for a change of hair style.

Wall-to-wall fatness
The fighters throw their weight about.

Take that, Fat-boy!
The loser really gets his nose rubbed in it.

And to help the little wrestlers with their training...
It's a birthday party after all.

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