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Read the review of this eventTremendous fun time at Gayna's Hen party

in July

You wouldn't believe that all these girls are top flight classical musicians, would you?

Martin possitions himself to take the staples
The girls at the hen party make an old 'Gyoji' very happy.

Sorry girls, but you will be putting on weight
You will find any gestures towards healthy eating count for nothing here.

time to get fat
I've jot to say that your legs are out of proportion to your body.

I can't believe I'm doing this
The Hen is delighted with her unexpected change in body shape.

Just look at us
The fighters turn to their friends to get their support.

give me anger, ladies
It's no time to me nice, girls. So get nasty.

wait for it
Warriors get set.

Musicians are attracted to any instrument
Keep your eye on J Arthur at the back.

You feeble girl
It's important to mock the fallen.

I feel beutify today
Are you sure you are taking this seriously.

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