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Callum's 10th birthday party

was in his school hall in December

This bit's simple. To bow, you just lean forward
The combatants observe the time honoured rituals that precede the Basho

This is fun. It's like I've eaten too much and don't feel sick
Everyone is delighted with the sudden change in their physique

What you need to do is...
Everyone has advice to pass on (even if they have just be beaten themselves!)

At the sound of the gong ... fight!
The gong sounds and the contest is under way

Just hold me close
Sometimes you just have to hold your opponent and wait for him to tires

Beg for mercy
One powerful warrior literally brings his opponent to his knees

Don't mess with me
He's fat, he's mean and he's ready to fight

You just wait until the smoke clears
As the mist gathers the warriors turn their aggression on the baying paparazzi

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