Photosfrom customer parties

Mel's friends get fat

for her 18th in May

just let me at her!
Mel hasn't got a mustache. It's just part of her fancy dress theme (as
if sumo wasn't surreal enough!)

OK, now get this thing off me
Now the first bout is over Mel is ready to shed a few pounds

are you ready to mucho basho?
The suits are on and the combatants are ready to rumble

my sides ache from laughing
'Losing can sometimes be more fun than winning' (old Japanese
proverb - maybe!)

when they said it was fancy dress I wasn't expecting this
The taller man can carry some excess weight without it showing ... in
some cases

the sun may go down but the fun carries on
When the light starts to go it's difficult to see who you're fighting
... does it have to finish yet?

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