• The 'Gyoji' manages an adult fat suit fight

    the 'Gyoji' manages an adult fat suit fight

  • 11 year olds stomp in Sumo Experience junior suits

    11 year olds in junior suits

  • Your 'Gyoji' will run the fun

    the 'Gyoji' to run the fun

  • Sumo Experience junior fat suits

    junior fat suits in action

  • Sumo Experience adult fat suits

    adult fat suits for that added gravitas

  • It's just as much fun to be beaten as to win!

    no need for a replay to decide the winner

Sumo Parties - big fun in sumo suits


Sumo Experience

We host fully themed Sumo Suit wrestling parties and team building sessions. Our specialty is a tongue in cheek caricature of the authentic Japanese sumo wrestling for both adults and children.

It’s fighting, it's high drama, it's hilarious

Your Gyoji is the sumo master who will welcome youWe are nothing like other Sumo hire companies you might come across. We don’t hire by hour, but instead, we organise the whole event for you. Our kimono-clad ‘Gyoji’, a veteran of over 450 previous events, will

  • Lead the Ceremonials
  • Organise the Competition
  • Explain the Rules of Engagement
  • Referee and Score the Bouts
  • and Generally Run the Fun

From our base in Woking we will bring the party to you, and to a venue of your choice, be that local hall, back garden or boardroom. We cover London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Middlesex, Hertforshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Essex & Kent - in fact the whole of South East England.

What you will do

When you pull on one of our foam-filled heavy-duty sumo suits you become a mighty ‘Rikishi’ .You will learn how to

Sumo Experience logo
  • Bow to Honour your Opponent
  • Throw the Salt
  • Elicit the Support of your Team
  • Do the Sumo Stomp as a display of Intimidation
  • Wrestle the Challenger out of the ‘Dohyo’ (combat ring)
  • Slam them to Press home your Victory … or
  • Roll around on the Ground like a Giant Beach Ball

What you get

You get what you’d expect, plus some more besides. Your kimono-clad party host will bring with him, a pair of authentic Sumo Fat Suits (either adult or junior size) complete with helmets and neck braces, the completion ring & crash mat, scoreboard, gong, colour coded team bandanas, Japanese backing track, and smoke machine (venue permitting). Above all, you'll have a whole lot of fatless fat fun.

Excited children sporting their souvenir Sumo T-shirts after a sumo suit party

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